the hit man from angola

Yuri da Cunha: Singer | Angola

Booking | Territory: Europe


Yuri da Cunha is a real star from Angola that makes people of all ages dance: his hypnotizing dance and capti-vating energy on stage earned him the nickname  “The Show Man.” His individual style of music is rooted in the rhythms of Angola, such as Semba, Kazukuta, Kuduro and Kizomba, including the lyrics and instruments. Since his beginning, Yuri da Cunha has not stopped to release hits.

He opened doors for other musicians, establishing cultural bridges and filling some of the Angolan musical cultural gaps. In 2010 he accompanied  Eros Ramazotti, the legend of Italian music, on his world tour, opening about 60 concerts for him in more than 15 countries.

The song “Atchu Tchutcha”, released in 2014 in Kuduro style with more than 11 million views on YouTube, be-came the song of the year in South Africa and Angola. This single put him on the international map and people from all over the world started talking about this Yuri from Angola. In June 2014 Yuri da Cunha became the first Angolan singer to win the African “best duet” at the MTV awards with his single “Atchu Tchutcha”.


Yuri’s love and passion for music and the arts is undeniable.  It can be seen in every step he takes on stage and in his career.  Now it is the time to see his steps more and more in Europe.