Taarab & African Fusion from Zanzibar


Contemporary African Music (influenced by traditional Taarab)



Zanzibar, Tanzania


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Female Empowerment from the East African region

Rooted in a mystic Island in the Indian Ocean, carrying influences from ancient Arab, Turkish, Indian and African musical traditions whilst fusing them with contemporary music from Jazz to Funk to Reggae and beyond, Siti & The Band are the rising stars from the East African region presenting a virtuous live show sparked with empowering messages.


Inspired by Siti Binti Saad, the Mother of Taarab and known as the first female musician from Zanzibar releasing and touring worldwide, Siti & The Band are keeping her cultural heritage alive: they are stating an example for the new generation of East Africans of whom many are denying their roots - and therefore a crucial element building identity and uniqueness whilst finding their musical voices.


Their first album “Fusing the Roots” is recorded evidence of the timelessness of Zanzibar’s traditional and contemporary music. The empowering lyrics give a strong feminist statement towards the self-determination of African women. The unique musical compositions have beautifully entangled contemporary rhythms with traditional Taarab. Combined with the empowering message the album translates Zanzibar’s cultural heritage into modern day society.





  • First Europe Tour in 2020

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“Groups like Siti and the Band always appear to burst on the scene out of nowhere, to  the delight of audiences who were hungering for something real, something original,  and something truly moving, but who didn‘t know what they were looking for until they heard it. It‘s that sense of surprise and also recognition at discovering (or recovering?) something crucial that had been missing that one feels when you experience Siti and the Band for the first time. The talented and charismatic lead singer Amina channels the great female Zanzibari taarab singers who came before her and to whom the group traces their roots. And though Siti and the Band may be new to many listeners, they are artists who have been working hard to develop and hone their craft for many years, and who come to us as the heirs of a great lineage of Zanzibari musicians.“ Rebecca Yeong Corey, Director Nafasi Art Space, Tanzania

Line Up

Siti Amina - Lead Vocals, Oud

Rahma - Violin

Gora Gora - Qanun

Sam - Bass

Razakey - Keyboards, Percussion

James - Drum

Territory: Europe


Hometown:  Stone Town, Zanzibar (Tanzania)


Travelparty: 7