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Middle East power fusion of upbeat tempos, Hip Hop, Cuban Funk with a distinctive African flavor.





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Europe - others on request

Arabic music with a twist of Latin, Funk and some Reggae lovin'


Sharmoofer's creations are best described as a comedic narration of the surreal chaos of our daily lives. Their songs are infused humorous tracks of upbeat tempos, Jazzy Blues, Hip hop and Cuban Funk with a distinctive African flavor, which relates to their background as percussionists, and a signature opener - "Al-Salam Alaykoum" (Peace Be Upon You).

They don't stick to a certain genre. They like to explore and draw influence from the different types of music they get exposed to. Given their short musical journey which would normally narrow their audience to young youth, the band doesn't target a specific group. Their vision is to make music that lifts people's spirits, that has an infectious energy, but in a positive, light-hearted and relatable way.


Sharmoofers have taken stages across Egypt and the MENA region by storm, mesmerizing the crowds and giving them performances to remember. Their concert's venues get jammed by devoted fans to experience their live performances, and sing along to their songs. Sharmoofers performed with Cairokee at Redbull Soundclash in 2015 with 10k attendees, Redbull Fel Share3 with 12k attendees, a concert with Mashrou' Leila and el Moraba3 in 2017 with 40k attendees!


Sharmoofers does not stop with the founders Bob & Moe, as they have combined 5 of the best musicians in town; all so brilliant in what they do to form Sharmoofers & family.



-  Hit single Khamsa Santy (3 mil. hits)

-  Best Band in 2014 in the Middle East Music Awards (MEMA)

- Visa for Music 2018

- Jordan Maafara Festival 2018

- Dubai Opera House 2018

- Redbull Sound Clash 2017



Brand new Album in 2019 - ENFESAM

First European Tour planned for 2020

Line Up

1. Ahmed Bahaa – Lead Vocalist

2. Mohamed El Arkan - Bassist

3. Eslam Ali - Trumpeter

4. Mostafa Kerdani – Drummer

5. Ahmed Aly - Percussionist

6. Adel Mohammed – Percussionist

7. Mohamed Labib – Saxophonist

Territory: Europe


Hometown: Cairo, Egypt


Travelparty: 11




After the big success in Egypt and Middle East, SHARMOOFERS are ready to explore European Stages! Get in Touch with us to book them first for their European Tour in 2020.