Manou Gallo - The Queen of Afro Groove

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Manou Gallo:  Afropean Afro Funk, Afro Beat | Ivory Coast / Belgium

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Singer, bass player and percussion player Manou Gallo is a brilliant band leader and musician. The stage is like her second home and there is an irresistible power and energy  in her live performance. An African woman who plays the Bass like a percussion instrument is extraordinary.  

She fuses African music in a very inventive and modern way with Funk, Blues and Beats. For the music she has been inspired by the Djiboi (the people of Ivory Coast) but also by her current western musical culture.

The combination of Soul, Funk and Blues is within the concept of groove a common denominator. Far beyond only world music, Manou Gallo has yet reached a world class level. Hot music full of emotion and sensitivities expressed in various languages (Dida, French and English).


In 2017 Manou joined forces with Bass legend Bootsy Collins. The result is her upcoming album which is a powerful, fresh and unique fusion of African Rhythms and Funk.

Single release: 20 April 2018, abum release summer/autumn. Produced by Bootsy Collins and featuring the master himself , Chuck D ( Public Enemy ), Zap Mama and Manou Dibango.




Line Up : 

Small : Manou Gallo ( Ivory Coast ) lead vocal & bass , drums, guitar , keys

Groove Orchestra: Manou Gallo ( Ivory Coast ) lead vocal , bass & guitar & keys , saxophone, trumpet, trombone


Territory: Europe 

Hometown : Brussels

Travelparty : 5 - 8



Helmut Rizy Nr 10- 14

Thomas Kreihe Nr 15