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“A solar energy on stage!"

When on stage, Lúcia de Carvalho is a little woman with a strong temper! “A solar energy”, people say.  Stunning and radiant, she is, but still with a “je-ne-sais-quoi” that connects her to the Earth. Lúcia de Carvalho takes full advantage of her mixed heritage: Angola is her native country, Brazil inspired her musically and France is her adoptive country, with a more modern musical edge. Sometimes reminiscing upon childhood memories, sometimes a fierce woman always fighting for causes important to her, this singer, dancer and drum player offers us a music full of freedom and travels, audaciously mixing world music and modern rhythms. 


The Kuzola concerts are like real-life immersions that present stories about emotions, experiences heard or lived, feelings, rants, and a longing for happiness and harmony. However true to her communicative "happiness of life", Lucia also gains in substance, in elegance, and gets  closer to her roots. These melodies can be serene, cheerful or completely rhythmic and their lyrics carry strong messages that move and cheer people up or give an irresistible desire to dance along with her!



When asked where this love for music comes from, Lúcia acknowledges that it probably comes from her mother, herself a singer and piano player in a choir in Angola, who loved to gather her five daughters and share songs with them. “We used to sing and dance all the time! At home, in the street, at the market… Anytime and anyplace was a good time to let our emotions go! Moreover, we used to listen to music on the radio, Angolan music as much as music coming from other Portuguese speaking countries such as Cape Verde, Brazil and Portugal...”


After Angola, Lúcia de Carvalho spent part of her early years in a children’s home in Portugal and was then adopted by a French family. As a teenager she grew up with a new culture, a new language and a new country. Her career started when she was barely 16 years old, after she joined the band “Bia de Assis et Som Brasil”. She started as a dancer in the band and quickly became its lead singer. Lúcia spent 10 years touring with the band and playing a variety of traditional and popular songs to French and international audiences.



After years growing her solo career it was time for Lúcia to explore her heritage with a new and particularly meaningful album: "Kuzola": In Kimbundu, the local Angolan dialect spoken by her mother, Kuzola means “to love”. For love is to Lúcia, a link that allows us to create in harmony with life! This kind of energy allows one to be deeply connected to one’s self while granting the opportunity to go beyond one’s comfort zone to build bridges between people, countries and cultures. It is through and for this revitalizing energy that the album Kuzola was created step by step, throughout three continents.  It is a true ode to life and its multiple experiences! 



  • Album "Kuzola" (2016): created between France, Brazil, and Angola; featuring more than 30 musicians
  • Documentary "Kuzola" (2018): presenting the adventurous story of the life of a singer on her quest to find her root


  • “Kuzola, the song of roots”
  • Documentary film by Hugo BACHLET/COUAC Productions and distributed by LIGNE7. Now running in cinemas in France/ launched in France in 2018

Press Reviews

From Angolan semba to Brazilian samba, with funk syncopations, Latino brass instruments and even  some soul music” Télé

Explosive, sincere, and stunning” Afrique Asie 

Awards & Achievements

Award “Cap Magellan” /Trace TV “Révélation Artistique de l’année”
Album “Love at first sight” from the magazine Amina

Top 50 iTunes in the category World Music

Line Up


Big Line Up: Quintet (5 musicians)

Small Line Up: Trio (3 musicians)

Territory: GAS


Hometown:  Strasbourg, France


Travelparty: 5-7