Palmwine, Highlife & Afrobeat

KyeKyeKu: Palmwine, Highlife, Afrobeat

Booking | Territory: GAS - others on request


 'The Wizard of the Guitar' - Spiraling electro-acoustic guitars, intricate rhythmic grooves, lush horns, a distinctive Ghanaian sound locked between folk and a throbbing urban Highlife beat!

A wonderful act we just discovered at Visa For Music in 2017: Kyekyeku is seen as a new generation of young lively Ghanaian musicians that is combining musical traditions from roots Palmwine (A style of Ghanaian folk) Highlife and Afrobeat; performing live in new and exciting sounds. Kyekyeku creates a unique high-energy sound mixed in with Highlife and Afrofunk of fellow countrymen Ebo Taylor and Pat Thomas erupting in a pulsating Afro-urban musical broth. With lyrics reminiscent of village recreational songs, protest songs, love poetry and old African spirituality, his music touches on themes concerned with the well-being of Africa and the world society. Kyekyeku escorts you on a soulful journey to the enchanting lands of West Africa in a Palmwine meets-Highlife-meets-World Grooves fun moment! The young Ghanaian musician has collaborated with world-renowned musicians including Koo Nimo (GH), Peter White (UK/Jazz), Pat Thomas(GH), Ambolley(GH) Thais Morel (Brazil), Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Blick Bassy (Cameroun) etc.


LISTEN on Soundcloud : Higher Life On Palmwine (2016),  Sor (2017)