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‘Leg breaking’ Highlife, Afro dance Party and Fun Surety!

Kyekyeku (Che-che-ku) leads Ghanalogue Highlife, currently one of the finest groups to have risen after the rediscovery of older Ghanaian legends like Ebo Taylor, Pat Thomas and Ambolley on the world scene. Locked between a sumptuous folk style and West African urban beat, Kyekyeku and Ghanalogue Highlife are masters of Ghana’s 'Highlife’ music; harnessing an intoxicating sound steeped in Afro funk and Afrobeat and again chased with lyrical spirit for an outcome that is passionate and pulsating.


The bands performances will escort you on a soulful journey to the streets and dance floors of West Africa in a Palmwine meets Highlife meets funky World grooves.


They have lightened up festivals and audience around Africa and Europe including the Montreux jazz festival,

Latitude Festival, Etnosur, Imagina Funk, Pirineos Sur, Sauti Za Busara, etc.


"A fabulous guitarist" - BBC Global Beats

"Kyekyeku is setting a new tempo for the Ghanaian music scene. A wizard with a

guitar" - CNN African Voices

"Kyekyeku, the little prince of Palmwine. ... Impossible to resist the warm and lively sound of

brass, percussion and this contagious joy, this artistic generosity. ... sharing, pleasure and

openness to others - the trademark of Kyekyeku." - Forbes Afrique

‘’Ghanaian guitarist Kyekyeku is bringing socially aware sounds to a new generation, making

revolutions in people’s minds’’. New Frame Magazine




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Territory: GAS




Travelparty: 6 - 8


Notable Touring dates 2017-2020

Joy of Jazz Festival 2019 -Johannesburg // Canarias Jazz Festival 2019 // La Mar de Musica 2019 - Cartagena // Pirineos Sur 2019 // Etnosur Festival 2019 // Fueteventura En Musica 2019 // Sin Sal Galicia 2019 // Montreux Jazz Festival 2018 // Latitude Festival 2018-UK // Feito a  Man Festival 2017- Galicia // The Hague African Music Festival 2017// Kasumama Festival – Austria 2017 // New Morning, Paris– 2017 // Sauti Za Busara 2017-Tanzania // Visa for Music 2017–Rabat.