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"Highly talented & ready to be discovered!"


«My name is Flore M. -  M like Music or… ’’A.I.M.E!’’, meaning love in French

In my youth, already, my compositions were influenced by my Gospel roots, my audacity, my sensibility and my Love for Life.

Therefore, it is wholeheartedly that I offer you my voice, as sweet as powerful, grooving on some Blues & SoulSpiritual Music of my own...»


Flore M is a singer, author, composer rooted in the spirituals and Gospel. She lives her true, real and unique life and she ’’aime’’ (loves) it.  Flore M shares a music whose message is anchored in every emotions, experiences and beliefs that nourish her and make her grow, thus leading her to become a little more herself day after day.


A young talent to be discovered, a moment of pure pleasure in a world as sensible and sensual as dynamic and genuine.


Aged of 13 years old, it is thanks to her elder brothers that she discovered Gospel in 1998 with the High Rock Gospel Singers, the first Alsatian Gospel Choir, directed then by Pastor Frederic Setodzo. With four colleagues singers of the High Rock Gospel Singers, Flore wants to invest herself more in music. Together, they create the quintet The Five Sisters with which they will sing on a lot of Alsatian scenes for almost seven years before participate in the music program X Factor broadcast on M6 in 2011. Whether in concert or opening of artists such as Jean Carpenter and Craig Adams, the quintet allows Flore to flourish through her passion that continues to grow. 2010. The quintet met the band Sum Voice, the acapella band, whose characteristic is to use the voice as one and only instrument, single vector of emotions. It is for Flore the beginning of a fruitful collaboration, discovery of the extent of her vocal abilities and the entrance into the professional music world. From now on, the work is accurate, meticulous and daily. After 13 years of music within groups, Flore defies herself and participates in 2011 to the New Soul Contest, the first Soul Music contest of East France, organized by the association of Sons d'la Rue. This first solo appearance ends with a victory that reinforces the young woman in the idea that alone or accompanied, her place is on stage. Two years after this awareness, the artist decided to invest herself heart and soul into her music and quit her customer advisory job. Inspired by artists such as Alicia Keys, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin or Etta James, it is alongside Michel Latour (arrangements and artistic direction) and Patrick Faller (composition) that the singer gives life her songs under the pseudonym of Flore M.


Press Reviews

"This artist has proved that she has an undeniable talent that has seduced the public.

In a register of soul music, and interpreting her own creations she was able to transmit passion, emotions by training the audience in her musical universe." 

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Big Line Up: Quintet (7 musicians)

Small Line Up: Quartet (6 musicians)

Territory: GAS


Home town:  Strasbourg, France


Travel Party: 6-8