A fusion of Afrobeat, Highlife & Blues


Afrobeat, Highlife, Blues



Mali, Burkina Faso


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GAS - others on request

African blues mixed with Mbalax Styles

Debademba is a group formed from the magical encounter of two fellow musicians: the guitarist Abdoulaye Traoré from Burkina Faso, who is a soloist and an inventive beat master, and the Malian singer Mohamed Diaby, a charismatic griot.


Latest album feat. Oncle Ben Soul - supported by Radio France

Their music is modern and explosive, drawing from afrobeat, highlife and mbalax styles, with hints of Mandinka music mixed in, all combined with strong blues elements and the occasional nod to rock.


Set to humanitarian and generous lyrics (the name of the group means ‘one big family’ in Bambara and their motto is ‘We’re together!’), Souleymane is a powerful manifesto, an invitation to celebrate, a flow of fiery lava winding its way between urban grooves and afro-pop.

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Territory: GAS




Travelparty: 5-6