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The legends of Angola’s golden musical age feat. the pioneer of Semba & Kizomba: Paulo Flores.  

Conjunto Angola 70 with Joãozinho Morgado (Congas), Botto Trinda Guitar  are not only surviving musicians of the Angolan Civil War, they are also the best creators and guardians of the golden musical treasure of Angola’s ancient rhythms. The first revival of this fantastic music full of melancholic grooves and joyful rhythms was born in 2011 when the social-cultural activist Otiniel da Silva and Samy Ben Redjeb (Analog Africa) with support of the Goethe Institute brought the Angolan legends together for a CD project. Da Silva produced an unique concert in the Elinga Teatro of Luanda, which wrote music history followed by an European concert tour.  


In October 2018 they met again in Lisbon where they went back to the studio to produce a new album featuring the angel voice of Angola: Paulo Flores. 


Paulo is probably THE most important representative of Angolan music and vigorous advocate of Semba. In the 80´s he recorded his first hit with only 16 years old. Paulo is one of the musical founders of Angola’s most popular dance music: Semba and Kizomba which has started the trend dance movement Kizomba all around the world. He shares stages with some of the biggest names in the Afro-Luso music. Flores was selected as UN Goodwill Ambassador for Angola in 2007.  


His music draws poetic sketches about love and life, as well as Angola's history and politics, and gives a voice to the soul of a nation by preserving Angola's story.  


2011 CD Project with Goethe Institute and unique concert in the Elinga Teatro of Luanda wich wrote music history!

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Conjunto Angola 70 & Paulo Flores Present Turma da Bênção 

Conjunto Angola 70 is a group of legendary musicians that, amongst others, spearheaded the (musical) revolution of Angola. They teamed up with Paulo Flores and worked on a musical gift for the Angolan people. The album 'Turma da Bênção' will be released in February 2019 but the first two songs will be available on Christmas Day. 

Mano A Mano Produções proudly present the promotional singles 'Boas Festas Conterra' by Botto Trindade (the living soul of the Angolan guitar) and 'Révellion' by Paulo Flores (the everyday Angolan poet). 



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