Singer Soulwriter


Afropean  Pop & R'N'B



Sierra Leone / Germany


Booking Territory


Love, Sweat & Tears

Mariamas music is light and lively. On her current record “Love, Sweat and Tears” (Rising Bird Music/Bendo Music) the Parisian songwriter Mariama combines shimmering folk, filled with jazz rhythms and her soulful vocals. The single “Raindrops” already delivers a great overture. Her music is an invitation to dance and about declarations of love for West Africa, the land of her ancestors. Mariama was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and grew up in Cologne, Germany. In her musical career she has already worked with Adé Bantu, Patrice or Max Herre.


Her first steps towards the profession are under the wings of Adé Bantu, Nigerian-German musician and activist who introduces her to the German scene with his various projects: Brothers Keepers, Afrobeat Academy and Afropean Express. Subsequently, she works with the German rapper Curse taking part in the project "Diversidad - A European Urban Experience" carried by the European Commission. In 2010, she signed with the French label Cinq7 / Wagram Music and began working on her first LP "The Easy Way Out", released in 2012 and recorded at RAK Studios in London, where she works with the production team Bacon & Quarmby, who has already produced with Ziggy Marley and Finley Quaye among other artists.


2015 Mariama moved to Paris, where she returned to a more intimate configuration with selfproduced EP "Moments Like These" released in April 2015. It receives an unexpected welcome that will lead Mariama on the roads of France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Nigeria.


In 2018 she released her new studio album "LOVE, SWEAT AND TEARS" produced entirely by the artist Mariama, inspired by various travels across Europe and Africa and artistic encounters of recent years. It is part of a process of artistic freedom, requiring independence. The title promises love, sweat and tears. In lyrics, Mariama shares her thoughts on the subject. Musically we move from soft and melancholic melodies to vibrant and dancing songs. "One night, the title LOVE SWEAT & TEARS showed up in front of me, stood out and guided me through this adventure. I knew that I had to stay true to this inner vision." 


2018 - New Album

Line Up

Mariama: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar

Jean-Baptiste Soulard: Electric Guitar

Georges Diémé: Drums

Wendy Milton: Synths

Territory: DACH


Hometown: Paris


Travelparty: 5





06/02 –Fab Tour –Strasbourg 06/02 –Fab Tour –Lille 15/02 –ChineseMan –ShikantazaTour –Cologne (DE) 01/06–AfricaFestival –Würzburg (DE) 



Du 12/05 au 15/05 –Tournée Brésil 25/05 –Luberon Music Festival -Luberon 17/06 –Kammgarn–Suisse 19/07 –Les Nuits de la guitare -Bastia 19/08 –Kall –Allemagne 28/10 –ChineseMan support –Zénith Nantes 02/11 –ChineseMan support –Le Radiant Lyon 04/11 –ChineseMan support –Zénith Paris 06/11 –Salon festival –Münich(Allemagne) 11/11 –Salon festival –Hambourg (Allemagne) 


27/02 –L’epicentre–Suisse 05/16 –La grenouille avait raison –Le Creusot, Les Célestins 06/16 –La grenouille avait raison –Les Célestins, La Rochelle, Saint Médard, Montpellier, Naples 18/06 –Marseille –AfricaFête –France 09/07 –Autrans –Vercors Music Festival –France 08/16 –La grenouille avait raison –Suède, Goteborg, Edinburg 03/08 –Corregio, Italie 13/08 –Innsbruck –Autriche 09/16 –La grenouille avait raison–Namur 17/09 –Cologne –Allemagne 10/16 –La grenouille avait raison  -Namur , Sénart , Les Célestins 05/11 –Bochum –Allemagne 06/11 –Hannover–Allemagne 11/11 –Hambourg –Allemagne 12/11 –Hambourg –Allemagne 18/11 –Lagos –Nigeria 12/16 –La grenouille avait raison –Le Théâtre du rond Point, Paris (20 représentations)